Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Dew Drops

I would like to meet you on a Winters night,
When moonbeams dance and stars sparkle bright, 
Sitting with the twinkle in the western skies,
Dew drops rolling from our eyes,
There's no place that I would rather be,
Watching dawn break in, just you and me. 

Sunday, 19 August 2018

The Invisible Fox

Wild yet vulnerable is the story of my life,
A world where I roam with fear and strife.
Some try to find me for blood and pleasure,
To shoot me down is your idea of leisure.

But over time I have become wise,
The urban night is now my disguise.
You destroy my habitat and the food I ate,
We walk the same path, still I hide from your hate.

The darkness is my light, I search for my next meal,
Some days I go without, my hunger I conceal.
Survival is my guardian in a divided society so gritty,
Our lives entwined, I am an invisible fox in your city.

Dedicated to my friends Cathy and Tammy

Monday, 30 July 2018

Sun Dancing In Winter

It's a well known fact that the sun only dances with his hat on. In the summer he can be seen dancing daily with his sun beams in the daylight and serenading his friend Moonlit in the dark. When winter arrives, it's a different story for the sun dancer (as he is known by all who see him). He no longer has his sun hat on and appears to have lost his twinkle as he sits, low in the sky, looking down at the world. However, not all in that bleak winter sky is as it seems to you and I. For the sun dancer has replaced his sun hat with a woolly hat given to him by Moonlit to keep warm. He wears this hat when he attends a live music club called Sunshine, where he likes to pull the wool over Winter's eyes, as he and Moonlit dance together until sunrise, to the Winter Blues.

Dedicated to the music scene of Ealing and the birth of loud in Hanwell where I live and where the father of Loud Jim Marshall set up his first shop in 1961.

To download for free The Ironic Fantastic #3 anthology of new writers and illustrators, where this short story was featured along with two of my poems visit:

Monday, 6 March 2017

Solstice Spirits

Lighting night
Scottish skies 
Shining bright 
English eyes
Mountain sight
Welsh highs
Dancers ignite
Irish surprise
Summer unite
Solstice ties. 

Colourful days
Pacific high
Golden haze
American pie
Cable bay
Dreams delight
Foggy stay
Francisco eyes 
Winter unite                                                                                                                            
Solstice ties.

Dedicated to my friend Carmella Scaggs, who passed away in February 2017 in her hometown San Francisco.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Orange Peel

If a peel can ride on a citrus wheel
How do oranges write on peel?
A pip may owe its life to a zest
But why do oranges peel from a vest?

Oranges may win at a game of squash
But do zests have an orange crush?
When a citrus over tips
Does a peel give a pip?

While a citrus jives on the dance floor
Should a zest sing to an orange core?
As an orange surfs on peel
Is a pip waving to an eel?

Zest, zests a zesty peel
Pip, pips a pipping peel
Peel, peels a peeling peel

Revealing orange peel.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Do You Have Writers' Cramp?

In December my new short story 'Writers' Cramp' featured in Issue 5 of the Ironic Fantastic magazine, edited by my friend and fellow writer Paulo Brito, based in Portugal. In this story, dedicated to my friend Brian, there is a mystery to be solved in the writers' block when artist Little Miss Malaprop gets herself in a muddle and goes missing.

I took inspiration from all my many talented writer friends who have always encouraged me to develop my writing and poetry. Considering I write for fun, having this support from many established writer friends means a lot to me and it was only natural for me to write a short story about writers that I hope they will all find amusing.

From Europe to Australia,  there are an eclectic range of established and new international writers, illustrators and poets featured in this issue, so it is an honor for me to be published with them all and I was pleased to see some of my good friends featured too - it is a pleasure to be able to be part of something creative with all of them.

As some of you know, I am a big supporter of promoting local talent across the Arts and over recent years the freedom to self-publish on the web has opened many doors to independent writers, artists and publishers. Today many creatives can collaborate and share their exciting talent without being stifled by bureaucracy, or controlled by the giant corporate wheel.

Issue 5 of the Ironic Fantastic is free to download.  A taster of all the wonderful stories and poems featured by all the amazing international contributors can be seen in the contents table photo I have posted above. I hope you will all enjoy reading this magazine over the festive season.

I would like to end this post by wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas break and a sparkly new year - see you all for a cat's tongue wag in 2016!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Placebo Bring A Sense Of Belonging To London

"Would you write a review of Placebo for Frouctor, a new Arts Review magazine I recently launched in Athens?"

This was the question asked by the talented artist and good friend George (that's what I call him) from Greece, who also lives in London. Well how could I refuse this challenge given Placebo are one of my favourite bands that I have seen live many times both here in the UK and Europe over the last 20 years since they formed at Goldsmith's College.

The Placebo review is currently being translated into Greek and will feature in the third issue of Frouctor magazine, to be distributed across Athens in the next few weeks.  As I only speak English and Spanish, the translation of my Placebo review will be Greek to me, so I am letting my blog readers have a preview of the Placebo gig review I wrote in advance ... and in English. Enjoy!

Placebo Bring A Sense Of Belonging To London 

Twenty years was not on the play list when Placebo performed at the sold-out Hammersmith Apollo show in March. Formed in the summer of 1995 in London, Brian Molko's unique and piercing voice had not lost any of it's bite. But for those fans expecting a nostalgic crowd-pleasing trip through the six-piece band's seven-album back catalogue, they will have been disappointed. The play list leaned towards the future rather than the past, with the bulk of the set list focusing on the band's latest 2013 release 'Loud Like Love'.

A lively ecstatic crowd applauded as Placebo, dressed all in black, stepped out on stage as the P.A. pumped out the backing track of the spine-tingling remix of 'Pure Morning' vs Sigur Ros' 'Svefn-g-englar'. A sea of fists could be seen bobbing up and down in the air as Placebo kicked off the evening with their electro alt-rock track B3, followed by shaking up the crowd's senses with 'For What It's Worth'.

It was a brave move by Placebo to risk losing casual fans with a top heavy new material set list. Had the band taken the nostalgia approach and played more of the older songs from a decade ago, there was a risk that the newer material would have appeared more one dimensional and faded into the background. Although the edgy belter 'Scene Of The Crime' ignited a surge of emotion amongst the crowd on the night, the latest material would not have been edgy enough to compete against a set list filled with older, more established grunge and industrial electronic influenced songs that carry the trademark sound that is Placebo at their best. The gamble paid off.

Classics such as 'Every You Every Me', 'Special Needs', the drug-induced track 'Special K' and closing track 'The Bitter End' will never tire but there was no looking back for the group. Twenty years on Brian Molko's voice has not lost its unmistakable stretched tone and on the night was just as powerful as the band delivering the music. There was a feeling of belonging by Placebo's lost legion of forever faithful fans, with a sense of relief knowing that Placebo will always be their band.

'Begin the End' seemed appropriate to set the scene for the band's four-song encore but it was the long-standing cover of Kate Bush's 'Running up that Hill' that gripped the crowd with its explosive electronics and deceptive uneasy sharp tones that Molko brings to life and makes his own. The group close with 'Post Blue' and the 'Infra-Red' from Meds. With a theatrical bow Placebo exit after sharing the highs and lows of their vast career and delivering a glorious performance that is a reminder of the scope of their brilliance. Placebo are loud as love and have left a taste of what we can expect from this London-based band over the next twenty years.